For applications requiring disinfection of clear/clean water, ultraviolet sterilization is the simplest and most practical method. Ultraviolet sterilization utilizes short wavelength UV-C radiation to destroy the DNA of microorganisms, rendering them unable to reproduce. This technology has been implemented extensively in the medical industry, and for drinking water sterilization, but is under-utilized in the aquaculture industry.Unlike chlorination, UV sterilization requires no extra time and produces no harmful byproducts following disinfection. Ultraviolet sterilizers may be installed in-line at any point in an aquaculture facility for primary or secondary disinfection of fresh or seawater to maintain biosecurity and increase productivity. 

Applications include:

  • Primary disinfection of seawater intakes, as an alternative to chlorine or other harmful chemicals
  • Disinfection of freshwater sources
  • Shrimp maturation systems or other clear-water recirculating aquaculture systems to reduce vibrio and other pathogen levels
  • Secondary disinfection for production departments requiring optimum water-quality (algae/plankton culture, spawning & hatching, and larval rearing)
  • To eliminate pathogens introduced following primary disinfection, as a result of water being held in reservoirs or pumped through distribution lines harboring bacteria or other pathogens

Benefits of UV-C Ultraviolet Sterilization:

  • No waiting – sterilization is instant and water may be used immediately following sterilization
  • No residual byproducts – no risk of unintentionally harming your animals or microalgae cultures
  • Minimal operational/labor requirements – UV units require only periodic inspection, cleaning, and bulb/quartz sleeve replacement
  • Reduced chemical usage – better for the work and natural environment

Ultraviolet sterilization is 100% natural and creates no chemicals or byproducts that could be potentially harmful to the environment.

Aqua Ultraviolet UV Sterilizers


UV Sterilizers are a versatile technology used for disinfecting water, other opaque liquids, hard surfaces and air. Using the same germicidal rays as the sun, but hundreds of times stronger UV offers a reliable, cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals and their resulting bi-products.For over three decades Aqua Ultraviolet has been the premier manufacturer of ultraviolet sterilizers and bio-mechanical filtration.  Our factories are located in Temecula, California where all of our products are created, tested and manufactured. Our centralized manufacturing facility allows us to engineer and customize designs for our customers to fit any application. The Viper Series UV’s are ideal for large commercial installations. The specially designed 4 inch 400 Watt lamps disinfect faster and have greater cell penetration capability. The compact body design has a small footprint making it easy to handle, install and maintain…Contact us and visit the Aqua Ultraviolet website for further information and recommendations.

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