Engineered by pond experts for small ponds flowing up to 5 gpm!

Product Description

Engineered by pond experts for small ponds flowing up to 5 gpm!
A number of simple design principles make the Sweetwater® pond filter very effective and simple to clean. It is a rugged, two-compartment, molded, black polyethylene tank with cover. It is only rated for 5 gpm, but you can use two or three in parallel for higher flows.

  1. Pump up to 5 gpm into it.
  2. Water flows through an easy-to-clean pre-filter pad.
  3. Water flows down through finer filter pads.
  4. Water flows up through biofilter media.
  5. Water gravity flows back to the pond or through a UV light.

Should you neglect to clean the pre-filter when fouled, the water will simply bypass it through the overflow feature.

Cleaning is simple. Each compartment has layers of easily-removed media and at the bottom of each is a 1 1/2″ quick drain (can be fitted with an optional valve). The biofilter media is 1 cu.ft. of Bio-Fill. Inlet is 1″ FNPT, outlet is 1 1/2″ FNPT. A heavy black molded lid is included. For the do-it-yourselfer, we sell the Sweetwater® pond filter without filter material. Made in USA.


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