Ozone Systems

Is your hatchery still using Chlorine for disinfection? Ozonation is a superior alternative to chlorine. Chlorine disinfection is time-consuming and may lead to harmful byproducts. Ozone is the strongest disinfectant available, and is more than 3,000x faster than chlorine in killing bacteria. Ozone disinfects nearly instantly by destroying the cell walls of bacteria and other pathogens. Bacteria do not develop resistance to ozone, as they may to chlorine and antibiotics; therefore, ozone use will not lead to the development of “super-pathogens”.

Ozone degrades to oxygen within minutes and no harmful byproducts are produced by ozonation. In contrast, chlorine disinfection creates byproducts that are carcinogenic to humans and byproducts, such as chloramines, that may be harmful to aquatic life.

In addition to disinfection, ozone functions by aiding in the removal of:

  • Fine or colloidal particles
  • Dissolved organic matter
  • Pesticides and insecticides
  • Nitrites
  • Heavy metals

Ozone is a “green” alternative to chemical disinfection. Ozone is formed from and quickly reverts to oxygen following disinfection, leaving no environmentally-harmful residuals. 

ClearWater Tech Ozone Systems

clear-water-tech-ozone-systemsClearWater Tech is a leading designer and manufacturer of ozone generation equipment for aquaculture, swimming pools, and a range of other water purification needs.

ClearWater Tech has earned it’s industry leading reputation through technical distinction in ozone generation applications since 1986. For over a quarter century ClearWater Tech has marketed ozone products globally with over 200,000 installations on six continents.

ClearWater Tech sells its products through a professional distributor and dealer network that provides products support in the U.S. and internationally. These partners are backed by ClearWater Tech’s customer and technical service people and are educated through product and technology training. ClearWater Tech is an Ozone Industry Leader that you can trust with your important water purification requirements.

As an official dealer, Amity Aquaculture Ltd. offers the ClearWater Tech line of ozone systems in Asia, with professional product support and technical service.

Realize the benefits of increased biosecurity and improved water quality for your aquaculture facility with a proven, quality ozone system.

Please visit the ClearWater Tech website and contact us for further information and recommendations.